1. I dug up this unused drawing of my character Fingal the feral goat and decided I would turn it into my new avatar!


  2. Sustainable Fishing Map

    I decided to make a map showing some of the UK landed fish and seafood that is MSC certified and a sustainable choice to buy in the shops. I have placed the different fish at the locations of their respective fishing grounds around the UK. The fish are as follows.

    1. Mackerel (Northeast Atlantic)

    2. Mussels (Scotland)

    3. Coley (North Sea)

    4. Herring (County Down, Northern Ireland)

    5. Sardines (Cornwall)


  3. Small comic about cycling in rain showers and dreaming of Denmark.


  4. Small comic on my recent thoughts on water.


  5. A couple of panels from an upcoming comic that I am drawing called “Banana Alert”.


  6. Fingal the Feral Goat limited edition screen print.


  7. Ray Mears Outdoor Survival Handbook Illustration.

    Pádhraic Mulholland


  8. New cycling Illustration.


  9. Drawing people on bikes.


  10. Trying to remember what I tried to draw when I was small. ie. Dudes with helmets.